September 27, 2013


Aw i really wish i’d cosplayed but expo was so awesome :D

Just found me as the doctor on a random tumblr. Score.

September 18, 2013


We are part of the universe. Our earth was created from the universe and will one day be reabsorbed into the universe. We are made of the same matter and energy as the universe.
We are not in exile here: we are at home … The universe creates us, preserves us, destroys us. It is deep and old beyond our ability to reach with our senses. It is beautiful beyond our ability to describe in words. It is complex beyond our ability to fully grasp in science. This wonder is everywhere inside you and outside you and you can never be separated from it.

Paul Harrison

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August 2, 2013
NNNnifty turned 2 today!

NNNnifty turned 2 today!

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July 12, 2013


My good friends in Japan asked me to create a graphic for their new skate brand, Granpup Skateboards. They just got their first run printed and they look rad. More details of where to buy these coming real soon…

December 5, 2012
David Kelley: How to build your creative confidence

This guy is a design champion!

October 2, 2012

Look at meLook at meDriving and I won’t stopAnd it feels so good to beAlive and on top…
My reach is globalMy tower secureMy cause is nobleMy power is pure..


Look at me
Look at me
Driving and I won’t stop
And it feels so good to be
Alive and on top
My reach is global
My tower secure
My cause is noble
My power is pure..

September 16, 2012
#30 - Oh Yeah Studio

This is part of my summer project, which I bound into this book

The essentials in our design are abstract & geometric shapes fused with the hand drawn. We also have a palette of a few colours

Most people in our line of work have heard of OhYeah Studio, and even more would have unwittingly seen their work wither out-and-about or on the web. Comprised of practitioners from literally every discipline imaginable and from all over the globe; web designers from Oslo & illustrators from London.
Despite this, there are a few notable consistencies in their portfolio. They use & make reference of the human face / form a lot, and the ‘pencil’ style they incorporate is maintained throughout their work. What’s more I adore the style they use, reminiscent of classic anatomy sketching by masters, artwork in themselves, surrounded by other more graphic & semiotic elements. Another consistency is the blatant disregard of colour. Rather uncommon in design circles, of mundane hues gives a simplistic aesthetic, complementing the graphic.

Check out Oh Yeah Studio’s work here

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September 16, 2012
#29 - Radim Malinic

This is part of my summer project, which I bound into this book

Labelled the ‘designer’s designer’ by Computer Arts Magazine, Radim has a curious style & approach to his work. Recently he re-invented his online & design persona, adopting the name ‘Brand_Nu’ An award winning art director, illustrator & graphic designer, he has also gotten his out there by producing a series of online tutorials aimed specifically at designers. I’ve watched a few myself, and I can genuinely say that I learnt something. This is why he was named designer’s designer, and why I find him inspirational.

Check out Malinic’s work here

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September 16, 2012
#28 - OneSideZero

This is part of my summer project, which I bound into this book

My imagination is a realm of shapes, colours and curious personalities. I illustrate to capture a state of mind, full of happiness & memories

OneSideZero is the moniker for British designer & illustrator Brett Wilkinson. Working in his own studio in Leicester his style is bold & dramatic, with playful illustrations & fluorescent spot colours.
I like his work, not only because his approach takes the clean & crisp aesthetic of vectors to new heights, but his style is so imaginative & original that there literally isn’t anything out there like his work. I respect that; it proves that originality isn’t dead in an age where digital’s dominance is unavoidable.

Check out OneSideZero’s work here

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September 16, 2012
#27 - Vault49

This is part of my summer project, which I bound into this book

Vault49 was founded by John Glasgow & Johnathan Kenyon in May 2002, shortly after the two had graduated together at the London College of Communication, studying Graphic Design. Glasgow was from the illustration side of the course, while Kenyon was more involved with typography, so they merged each others skill-sets and quickly rose to the challenge of creating a studio together.

Of course the development of their style was important, but like all studios, Vault49 wouldn’t have gotten anywhere without self-promotion, which really was mandatory to get their work & style out into the world. When they graduated, the duo took to fly-posting their work around Clerkenwell & Glasgow, to get themselves noticed by local studios & potential clients. One building they adorned just so happened to be the HQ of Dazed & Confused magazine. It worked, they got in contact and commissioned them the next day.

Check out Vault49’s work here

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